“I had a major muscle injury from a fall from a horse in 2014. After a long recovery, I found traditional physical therapy was not helping. I was fortunate to discover Eunice and Bowen therapy. It took us a while, but thanks to Eunice I have never felt better. I have some ongoing nerve damage, but my underlying back issue that predated the injury is gone. Bowen therapy is amazing, and Eunice is really great!” -G.C.


“A treatment with Eunice is a treat! She has the ability to combine her strong intuition and orthopedic background to help guide you through treatment. She is interested in looking at the potential causes of pain and how one can prevent pain and regain ease of movement and/or return to pre-injury level of function. Highly recommend Eunice.” -K.S.


“I’ve been seeing Eunice for a few months to treat radiation-induced fibrosis and muscle pain. She customizes each session by doing both Bowenwork and Reiki energy work to help my body and mind heal in a much positive way. I always have a very relaxing experience during the session and notice great improvement following the treatment. Even though Bowenwork seems gentle, the powerful healing results are truly amazing! Eunice is a great listener and she always goes the extra mile to listen to her patients’ concerns and their needs first! I highly recommend Eunice to anyone who wants healing from the inside out for their body, mind and soul.” -H.B.


“Eunice is a true healer, and I learned so much from her. I can’t recommend her more highly!” -M.M.


“After my first session with Eunice, I became a huge fan of her work. My body responded very well to her treatments. I have chronic neck and shoulder tension and she was able to gently get my body back in alignment in just a couple sessions. I thought the only way to achieve that was seeing a chiropractor. But Eunice offers so much more than just an “adjustment”; her holistic approach brings healing to the body, mind and spirit. I highly recommend her – she’s amazing!” -A.M.


“I’ve been seeing Eunice for almost 3 months for my carpal tunnel and tension in my shoulders. She uses Bowenwork to heal my body and mind in a much more positive way. Before every appointment, she checks in with all of my trigger points and asks how I am feeling. She is one of the very few out there that actually listens to my concerns and focus on what’s triggering my pain. She is very patient and is more than happy to teach me about the work she is doing on me and the exercises to do at home. The chronic pain I was experiencing has now almost completely diminished with much less flare-ups. I know it’s all because of the work Eunice has done on me! Highly recommend her for anyone looking for an alternative, more peaceful way to heal your body & mind.” -H.S.


“I was at a crisis point with various issues with my back, hips and ribs. I decided to just do something different and follow my heart around a different type of healing and pain management. The Universe brought me to Eunice and I’m forever grateful. Not only has she improved my health, she happens to be fabulous for the soul too. This week [I] tried the new Magnesphere in her practice and after one session was able to bend over again. She is a lovely and talented practitioner.” -L.M.