Holistic Physical Therapy

What is Holistic Physical Therapy?

In Eunice’s 20+ years in the Physical Therapy field, she has observed that those in the western/allopathic medical profession have moved away from looking at their clients as unique individuals with individualized needs for healing. Instead, due to time constraints, insurance reimbursement limitations or other reasons, they have narrowed their focus to only looking at a client’s specific injury or their body part as the area of treatment.

This “traditional” take on medicine can be useful, but it only serves a small percentage of our population, those with minor or acute injuries. However, what happens when a client’s injuries are more involved, recurrent or even chronic and are not responding to traditional treatments? Taking a holistic physical therapy approach rectifies the narrow focus of traditional physical therapy on just the body part and encourages the practitioner to take a step back and use all of their skills to support the client’s need for healing from a multi-dimensional perspective. In other words, taking into account the entire person – mind, body and spirit – to support complete healing from the inside out.